Sunday, 19 January 2014

[REVIEW] IOPE Air Cushion XP

Hi! Its a lazy Sunday for me today and I am here to share another current favourite product of mine which I just received from Qoo10 :). 

After watching Liah Yoo's Youtube video of her sharing on different foundation cushions that are out in the market in Korea, i was really excited to try them out! I am currently using the Laneige Snow Cushion (shade 21) which I find the coverage alittle too light . So i would normally use Hera CC Cream first, which has medium coverage, to cover up the red patches on my skin then followed by the Laneige Snow Cushion for a dewy finish.

I was contemplating between the Verite UV Multi Cushion or the Iope one because I've heard soooo many good reviews on them. 

In the end, I ordered the Iope Air Cushion XP from Qoo10 because it was supposed to be the most popular in korea ! I got it at a discounted price at SGD29.90 because the seller was having a promotion :)

My order came within 10 days which was considerably fast since it was shipped from Korea. The Iope Air cushion comes in 3 types - Natural, Shimmer and Cover. As I was looking for one with higher coverage, I chose the Cover in Shade 21 (Natural Beige). 

CoverageI'm pretty satisfied with the coverage though i still need about two layers on my cheek area. It is actually long lasting.  



I don't have a lot of spots but I do have some slight red patches on my cheeks and I really love how this Air Cushion gives good coverage and at the same time makes my skin looks healthy and flawless! 

When I first applied it I was afraid it might looked a little light for my skin , but after letting it set for a while it actually matches my skin tone perfectly and it gives you really moisturised glowing skin. I have large pores as well and this covers them very well. This foundation gives a matte finish. Sometimes if I want something more dewy I would first apply the Etude House Nymph Volumer before the cushion.

Scent - Light powdery smell which doesn't bother me because the Laneige Snow Cushion has a stronger perfume scent. 

DurabilityIt lasted about 6 hrs without a need to touch up (without Primer). I think it will last even longer with a primer. 

Application - Another thing I loovvveee about this is how easy it is to apply! You don't need any brushes because it comes with a really good quality sponge which blends the product really effectively. 

Would I recommend this? YES!!

I think this is such a clever product and it really does what it claims! It is best for people who are in a hurry but still wish to achieve a glowing moisturised skin. This Air Cushion has SPF 50 sunblock and medium coverage all in one!

I will order the Verite UV Multi Cushion next to try but until then this will be my favourite foundation cushion for now :) 

Let me know what you think about this product too :)


  1. Hello. Thanks for sharing on this!

    Being a user of Laneige bb cushion in #21 as well, i confidently placed my order on the Iope air cushion in #21 few days ago! But after which, I read several reviews mentioning that Iope's #21 is actually much lighter tone when compared to Laneige's. So they had to purchase for a #23 for Iope despite using #21 for Laneige.

    Is it ok if I check with you if the #21 for Iope will be (about) the same colour tone/shades as Laneige's?

    Thank you so much ;)

  2. Hi there ! sorry for the late reply:) I just tried on both and I think they are very very close shades so I think #21 is a safe option :)

    1. Thanks so much for the help! Am looking forward to more reviews of yours ; )

  3. Hello ! :)
    I'm currently using Laneige snow cushion as well :) but i'm so currious and really wanna try IOPE product .
    May i ask you ;
    1. The finishing of iope make your skin looks glowing dewy finish (like laneige) or looks mate?
    2. Is the iope long lasting and works well all day long like laneige?

    Thanks for answering ^_^

    1. Hi ! the IOPE finishing is semi matte and dewy. Yes it can last at least 6 hours without fading. And I think it doesn't darken like the laneige snow cushion :)

  4. Hi!

    I need your opinion. Which one I should use between Hera CC cream and IOPE Air Cushion XP. I have combination to oily skin. I hope you can recommend to me based on your experience.