Monday, 24 March 2014

[Review] Makeup Primers - Innisfree no sebum mineral primer , Faceshop Face it Primer Velvet skin , Banila Co Prime Primer Hydrating and the Benefit the POREfessional Primer

I've been on a Primer craze lately! Because I realised that putting on primer before any makeup really makes a whole lot of difference ! As I read in a beauty article - Not to prime is a crime! Obvious foundation streaks , noticeable pores, redness around the nose - these are all makeup blunders which can be avoided just by adding one simple step in your make up routine :) And seriously, it is a noticeable difference!

And so I've been researching and trying out a few primers. As you can see from the image below I've been testing out 4 primers.

From left : Innisfree no sebum mineral primer , Faceshop Face it Primer Velvet skin , Banila Co Prime Primer Hydrating version and the Benefit the POREfessional Primer.

Today I'm going to review them base on a couple of factors that I feel is important for a good primer.

Best value for money - Innisfree no sebum mineral primer. 
This is the least expensive primer, retailing at SGD18 (would be much cheaper if you can get it in Korea). This does a great job in creating a smooth canvass before you put on foundation or CC/BB creams. Most importantly, this keeps your face oil free throughout the day!

Best for Oily skin - Innisfree no sebum mineral primer & Benefit the Porefessional

I got the Innisfree no sebum powder pact which I reviewed in my previous blog post and it was such an amazing product in keeping my face oil free throughout the day even during those humid warm weathers. 

So I was excited to give this primer a try which comes from the same line. This primer really keeps your face matt and oil free for a long time while also smoothing out skin. It does conceal pores but still slightly visible.

Best for large pores - Like the Innisfree primer, the Benefit POREfessional primer also gives a matt finish and it is a must have if you have large pores like me. This does a wonderful job concealing all my pores! This is also great for those with oily skin or who likes a matt finish. This would be a must have primer if budget is not an issue :) This costs about SGD48 at Sephora. 

Best for Dry skin - Faceshop Face it Primer Velvet Skin /The Banila Co Hydrating Primer.

The Banila Co Primer actually has a more moisturising texture but I feel that because of that it is too watery for a primer. Least effective in terms of smoothing out skin and concealing pores. I was quite disappointed because Banila Co is supposedly known for producing good primers. And also it costs me about SGD30 including shipping when I bought it from Qoo10. This could be because I had chosen the hydrating one. This range also comes in classic and matt.

The Faceshop Primer Velvet Skin is my favourite Primer. And I'll tell you why. 

Firstly I like its texture most as compared to the rest. It is lightweight and not as thick and hard to spread like the Benefit and Innisfree ones. This Faceshop primer glides smoothly onto skin. It also does a good job concealing pores and smoothing out rough skin bumps. Thirdly, this primer does not dry out your skin and my makeup can last a loooonnnggg time. Lastly it's considered pretty affordable. This is retailing for about SGD30 at local stores. 

My only complain is that this does do much in terms of oil control and I find that towards the end of the day my face turns slightly oily and shiny even though I have combination to dry skin.

Other than that, I would think this is the best all-rounded primer with a friendly price tag :)

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