Monday, 10 February 2014

[REVIEW] IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning Vs. Hera Cell Essence

Hello! I hope every one had an awesome weekend so far :) Mine was great as yesterday I had a fruitful shopping spree - I bought a couple of skirts from F21 and Zara which is my all time favourite store ever! They always make classic pieces which looks timeless and great for all seasons. I'm sooo loving their SPRING/SUMMER 2014 collection!

Sorry for the digression! Today I'm doing my own take on the much raved IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning (What a mouthful.. lets just call it IOPE Essence) and also the Hera Cell Essence. These two products are very similar in terms of their packaging, texture and function and are one of the many dupes of the SK II facial treatment essence in the market.

Since I can't afford any SK II products anytime in the near future, I have decided to search for other options which are, hopefully, just as good.

I've read about other blogs raving about the IOPE Essence which has produced similar results to the SK II facial treatment essence and I ordered it on Qoo10 via this seller for about SGD68. The Hera Cell Essence has significantly less reviews online but I still decided to try it simply because I love Shin Min Ah. I ordered it on ebay here for about SGD86. I've have been using both products for at least 2 weeks before doing this review. 

What it claims - In summary, both the IOPE and Hera Cell Essence have very similar claims. They promises to promote clearer skin and firming, evening out skin tone and brighten skin. 

Texture/ Odour - The IOPE essence is odourless and colourless while the Hera Cell essence is odourless as well but its of a slightly milky colour as you can see from the picture above. Both products absorbs into skin really well and so far no break outs on my skin at all.

Application - Both products have the same type of dispenser. It is made in a way such that when you tilt the bottle it just dispenses a few drops at a time. 
I've read that some users are not a fan of how the bottle dispenses the product. I didn't have any trouble with this as I tend to get quite heavy handed with products that comes in a bottle with big openings. I find it easier to get the right amount of product I need with this. 

Both essences recommends to use a cotton pad to apply this product but I feel that most of the time more product gets absorbed into the cotton pad then on my skin. So I have switched to using my hand to pat lightly on my skin after toner. 

Verdict - Between these two, the IOPE essence was my favourite. All other things similar, the IOPE essence really delivered what it promised. I can really see my skin improving. I have one persistant dry patchy skin on my cheek and every time I apply the essence in the morning I can feel the area turn smoother but although the effect does go off at the end of the day I really hope the patchy skin will heal as I use this product longer. I've also noticed a brighter and clearer skin when I apply the IOPE essence. 

In my opinion, this product does a better job then the Hera Cell Essence. I've used the Hera Cell Essence for about 2 weeks but I don't see or feel the effects yet. I might continue to finish this bottle after I've used up my last drop of IOPE essence. But the Hera Cell Essence was a little disappointing for me for the fact that it was more expensive than the IOPE essence and I was really expecting it to do more. 

Will I repurchase? - I might repurchase the IOPE essence but there are still so many products which I would like to try.. So it might take a while before I'm coming back to get the IOPE essence again :) But for someone looking for an all round essence to boost and improve their skin, I would recommend IOPE essence. 

Have a great week ahead everyone !

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  1. thanks for the comparison! I've been trying to decide on a great all-around toner as well; I think I'll go for it!