Monday, 31 March 2014

[REVIEW] LIRIKOS Marine Triple Treatment

Hello everyone ! This was suppose to be out over the weekend but it was sooo warm yesterday that lifting my fingers to type out this post was difficult.. yes, excuses! haha, I know. 

So anyway, today I will be sharing on my first HG product! I'm really excited because so far , I've not used anything that really wowed or blown me off so much that I'm all ready to name it as a HG. But OMG, this is definitely going to be my first!

ALERT - This is a bottle of awesomeness !!

No kidding. In just a few days of using this essence, I can feel my skin's elasticity improving. Who would think that I can still have bouncy, supple skin like 10 years ago in my teens?? Yes nobody! But this essence just made my skin and ME so so happy. My skin is bouncy, radiant and moisturised after using it.
I'm so glad I have discovered this product. 

Lirikos is a marine-inspired cosmetics brand that is like a Korean version of La Mer that uses minerals from the deep sea in its products. It is not so well known outside Korea but a  very popular one in Korea. And the ambassador is a goddess - Go Ara!!

Super gorgeous, no?

So what is this treatment all about?

I've not found a lot of information online so I'm just going to go with the description that came with the product. 

" The Lirikos Marine Triple Treatment is a multi-essence that sets your skin, moisture, whitening and elasticity balance by using 90.93% marine triple plankton, which contains the original vitality of life.

90.93% of 3 types of marine triple plankton fortify the skin's potential
  • Brown Plankton has excellent adaptation skills as well as self-regeneration abilities in extreme environments and contains omega 3, fucoxanthine and peptide (an anti-ageing powerhouse ingredient used in many skincare products) to enhance the power of your skin, thereby supplying vitality.
  • Blue Plankton is able to remove harmful radicals with strong anti-oxidation functions. It contains amino acids , vitamins and minerals that provide moisture to skin and strengthens skin barrier.
  • Green Plankton is a self serving plant that creates its own nutrition through photosynthesis; the unbelievable force of life that divides itself into 4 cells in just 24 hours will provide nutrition to your skin.

 Active Ingredients - Niacinamide (Also known as vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid which provides multiple benefits for anti-aging), Adenosine (Help prevent wrinkles, reduce UV B sun damage. Increases the production of dermal fibroblast proteins ( elastin and collagen) reducing skin sagginess and improving skin tone.)

This essence has no scent and is transparent. The texture is very light and watery. In fact, it actually looks and feel just like water. But in the world of water, this must be the best beauty water! 

I really love the easiness of this product. It is non-sticky at all and absorbs so quickly into skin. But you can still feel that instant surge of moisture on your face and skin is instantly brightened !

I use this essence with the Lirikos Hydro Intense Cream and it is so awesome to see how my skin is still moisturised and bright in the morning :)

I know I've also sang praises of the IOPE Bio Intensive Conditioning essence but this gives far better results in my opinion and experience. 

If you are tired of dull looking skin I would definitely, definitely recommend this! 
I got this for about SGD$60 for 140ml at G-market global from this seller below. 

I've purchased from this seller twice and so far it has been a positive experience !

I hope you like this review and if you have questions or a feedback , feel free to comment or email me at :)


  1. would you choose this over the mamonde rose water toner?

  2. hi! sorry for the late reply. This is a essence which has concentrated skin care effects for whitening, moisturising and anti-aging while the toner would mainly help to balance your skin's PH which will help absorb your skincare products better. So the essence would be used after the toner. Hope this helps :) Thank you!

  3. hi thanks for making this review! i'm really curious about this essence and planning to try it after using up my missha essence. have u tried missha first treatment essence? i've heard great reviews about it. :)