Saturday, 4 October 2014

October Favourites - Espoir , Innisfree, Giogio Armani and Too Faced

Hi everyone! I'm back !

Sorry I have been putting off updating my blog for some time. I am currently trying out products that I have purchased during this time and I am working hard to put up all the drafts that are like sitting in my inbox. 

For today, I am so excited to share with you my favourite items for this month :)

From left to right :

1) Espoir No Wear G Lipstick - Love Cloud 
This is my favourite everyday lipstick ! It's moisturising with good pigmentation. Its a lovely shade of pink - not too bright, more like a cherry pink shade which is great for fall as well. Super in love with this lipstick right now :) See my not so sexy lips with the lippy on below ! heehehe

2) Innisfree Mineral UV whitening pact SPF 50 / PA +++ 

Do you have a hard time reapplying sunscreen in the middle of the day or just ended up not reapplying at all because its such a hassle? If you do , you are not alone. I've been having that same problem too.

That is why I have been searching around for a sun pact - a sunblock but in a powder form and I found this Innisfree Mineral UV whitening pact.  It has a high SPF coverage and the power is so fine it doesn't cake up my makeup at all. 

You don't really need to apply the powder to your entire face. For me, I just use the puff included and dab a little of the product on the highest point on both sides of my cheeks, forehead, nose bridge, under eyes (to prevent wrinkles) and chin because these are the areas where the sun exposure is supposedly the highest. 

So far I've been using this before I head out to lunch under the hot afternoon sun and I really love how convenient it is to use :)

3) Giogio Armani Lasting silk UV Foundation SPF 20 - Shade 4 

This product might not be new to most of you. It has been raved by so many beauty bloggers and Youtubers and has been on my list for the longest time as it's pretty expensive .. it cost SGD78 for a 30ml bottle of foundation. I finally decided to buy it after I got my pay check last week :) 

This foundation is just like what it claims to do. The formula is silky and smooth. Its like spreading butter ~ Even though it is creamy it doesn't feel heavy on my skin at all and the texture is really silky and smooth.

With a primer this lasted me from about 8am to 7pm without fading or smudging. It definitely lasted longer than most of my cushion foundations which is awesome because my face still look decent even if I just want to do some quick shopping or dinner after work without having to touch up. 

This foundation comes in a number of shades which is a plus because usually the base products I've used (cushion foundations) mostly comes in only 2 shades. I picked shade 4 which is a perfect shade for me. It is 1/2 a shade lighter than my skin (I'm usually a N21 based on Korean standard) so it turns out really natural. 

The finishing is a subtle, glowy and velvety finish and it just makes my skin looks so smooth and polished. Plus it also does blur out pores which is a huge plus point because I have really large pores -_-.

One pump is enough for my entire face and it has medium coverage which means one layer is enough to cover the redness on my cheeks. 

Really love this foundation as it is so easy to apply and suitable for everyday wear, not to mention the super luxurious looking frosty glass bottle :)

3) Too faced Prime & Poreless Primer Pure for sensitive skin

I must say this is the best primer I've used thus far ! 
I finished the entire tube of POREfessional and was doing some research on good primers that are effective in concealing large pores. 

Too Faced Prime & Poreless Primer was one of those with good reviews that doesn't rip up my wallet. When I checked it out at Sephora , I was pleasantly surprised that there is a version that is oil free and meant for sensitive skin! Weeeeee how awesome ! Plus it is the same price at $39 which is about the same as the Benefit one. 

This primer is colourless and has a more liquid like texture which makes it easier to spread out onto skin as compared to the Benefit one. 

This primer sets my foundation really well and could blur out pores more effectively. From a distance my skin looks much less like a tangerine skin hahaha. 

I highly recommend this for those who are looking for a good pores concealing and skin smoothing primer. And don't worry - this is safe for those with sensitive skin like me. Yay!

4) Too Faced Prime & Poreless Finishing veil 

This powder has a dual function. It acts as a primer (yes you can sweep this across your face as a primer before foundation to conceal pores) and also as a finishing powder to set your makeup and control shine! 

I tend to get oily as the day goes on. I was using the Chanel Les Beige Finishing powder and it doesn't contain the sebum very well. I always have to blot my face after 3 hours as my face will look greasy.

But this truly helps alleviate that. This powder is also so lightweight that it doesn't feel like you have put on anything at all! It is available at Sephora stores :)