Tuesday, 1 April 2014

[REVIEW] Dr. Jart+ BB Bounce Beauty Balm

I was really excited when Dr Jart released their new range of bb creams in Singapore last week at most Guardian stores! 

Dr Jart is noted for its BB creams and I have even read about them in western fashion beauty magazines like Elle on BB cream recommendations alongside the likes of major brands like Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown. 

The reason why I have not gotten my hands on one of its BB creams is because I have never like applying BB creams from a tube after the invention of BB cushions ! Blending with a cushion puff makes it 10 times easier then having to blend with fingers. It tends to get messy for me.

That is why I was sooo excited when I saw this !

 A BB Balm similar to a BB/foundation cushion!

Directions: Like how you would use a cushion, you need to just use the puff that comes with it and dab onto the gauze to get the product on the puff. Finally dab onto skin to blend.

I could not find much information about this bouncy beauty balm which I think is because it is a very new product. I tested this product at the stores twice before deciding to purchase it.

What it says on the pack "A unique bouncing formular with rich moisturising and tension provides moist vitality and bounce to tired skin. Covers blemishes and pores, corrects uneven skin tone and texture, helps clear and firm."

This is a multi-functional touch up Bounce Beauty Balm that has anti-aging properties, brightens skin and UV ray protection.

My Experience ..
I'm happy to report that I really love this product very much! This is one of the rare bb creams with high coverage and it really gives a flawless finish. 

Red patches were breaking out on my cheeks for the past week because of an irritation to a new cosmetic product that I'm testing and this actually helps covers up the redness really well and doesn't irritate it further at all which I'm so glad.

The texture of the BB is pretty thick and did throw me off a little at first when I tested it at the stores on the back of my hand. I was expecting it to turn cakey and dry. But after letting it set for a few minutes, my hand was sooo smooth and the texture of my skin was wonderful. It last for hours until I got home and my hand didn't feel dry at all.

I have combination to dry skin and this BB doesn't dry out my skin even towards the end of day when I get off work. And that is like 8 to 9 hours after wearing it.

What I really love about this product:

  • Clings onto skin so well you'd feel like you are not wearing anything
  • Moisturising
  • Provides medium to high coverage but yet the finish is natural 
  • Has whitening and anti-aging skin care functions
  • Flawless and natural finish - semi dewy towards baby skin matte
  • Great even for those with sensitive skin

Areas that I don't love as much

  • SPF 30++ is not enough for me but I usually use a SPF50+++ sunscreen before any make up. 
  • More tapping required to apply and out this BB as texture is pretty thick. Good exercise for the hand though. :) 
  • The gauze doesn't do much to keep the BB in so it looks messy. 
Would I repurchase ? 

Yes! I really like the idea of applying BB creams instead of foundations because of its skincare properties. It is great to know that it is good for my skin and at the same time making my skin look good especially in times of skin crisis! This is a saviour for me for the past week as my skin was stinging with irritation.. And I had to cut down my make up routine to just this BB balm and eyeliner. 
Highly recommend this for those who are looking for high coverage BB with flawless finish!

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  1. Does this BB cream look okay in flash photography? I really want to try it but it's pricy and I don't want to have a white face in photos.