Thursday, 29 May 2014

[REVIEW] Mamonde Real Skin Founder SPF 33/PA++

Hey guys! Today I'm back with a review on a new foundation pact - the Mamonde Real Skin Founder. The word founder is actually a combination of the words 'Foundation' and 'Powder'. It provides coverage and helps set makeup all in one pact ! Perfect for those who just doesn't want to go through a whole regime of base make up every morning. 

Read on to find out what I think about this product :)

Gorgeous Yuri from SNSD fronting the brand :)

It comes in two shades and I got shade #1 which suits my skin tone quite well.

My review 

What I like about this product:

  • Firstly I would say the coverage did not disappoint me. With just one swipe of the product, it is enough to cover blemishes and redness on my face. So I think one pact is enough to last quite a long time and ideal for those who are looking for a foundation with good coverage. 
  • Secondly, even though this is quite a thick formula, the foundation glides onto my skin pretty easily and can be blended onto skin without much trouble. It also brightens up skin very naturally. I also like that it has a semi-matte natural finish. What I really like about this is that it is non-sticky and has a powdery feel to it after you apply it on your face which is great for those living in humid weathers like myself. 

What I do not like about this product :
  • The biggest issue I have with this foundation is how it just creases at the corners of my mouth and eye areas. When I smile, the lines become so visible it is like I have aged 5 years older all of a sudden :( 
  • This foundation is also not forgiving on dry skin patches. It just accentuates the patchiness even more.
  • I also do not think it is advisable to build coverage with this foundation because it tends to get cakey. So if you are using this, be aware of the amount of product you apply. Best to dap a little at a time and check the mirror to see if it gets caked up.Because it gets cakey, I am also unable to bring this compact out with me because I am weary of retouching my makeup with this.
  • The level of sun protection. Although it is minor issue for me but I am quite used to using my other BB/foundation cushions which provide SPF50+++. So I would have to be mindful to use a sunscreen with higher SPF before apply this product. 

Before (there are some red patches on my cheeks)


All in all, I was slightly disappointed in the product , maybe because I had quite a high expectation of it after so reading many good reviews. But I bought this for 21,000KRW on Gmarket which is about SGD25? (without refill). At this price I think it is a pretty good product I would say. This would be great for those who are looking for an all in one (Foundation + Powder) product.

Have you guys tried this product as well? Let me know what you think and if you like my review :) 

Thank you! 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

[REVIEW] Sulwhasoo Over Night Revitalizing Mask

Just got back from a 4-day trip to Bangkok recently before the military took over. Thank god we got home safe :)

Anyway I was totally not prepared for the weather!  Bangkok was a million times warmer and drier. I felt like my skin was going to shrivel up like a prune anytime..  And I actually forgot to bring along a moisturizer.. *Slaps forehead* It was a result of debating which cream I should bring because I only wanted to bring ONE cream to save baggage space. And then my indecisiveness led to absent mindedness.

I only realized it when I unpacked my luggage in the hotel after a long day of shopping.. It was a complete nightmare.. *slams hands on table*

The only saving point was that I actually bought the Sulwhasoo mask at duty free before I flew to Bangkok. And this was the best decision I ever made. This mask was my savior! It is during these trying times that you can actually test how good a product is.

I put a layer of this on my face and..OMG..when I woke up in the morning my face was looking so hydrated and glowing.. I’ve never had trouble free skin when I travel skin never fails to react to weather changes and the environment. I was really expecting a break out on the second day of my trip because of the dry scorching heat and air pollution..

But I have never used a mask that revitalises and heals my skin as much as this.. I had no dry patchy skin and breakouts the next day and I could still put on like foundation without trouble. I applied a thin layer of this and it is actually not that sticky as expected. So I was able to sleep with much ease (I sleep sideways all the time).

I continued to use this almost every other day when I came back to Singapore. I guess because it is more humid here, I noticed that my face was a a little oily in the morning after using this the night before. But other than that, this still revives my skin and I could see that the pimples on my face were actually healing better.

The only concern that some people might want to note is the scent. This has a herbal ginger scent which I happen to love it but might not be so for others. 

This mask is retailing for $68 at local Sulwhasoo counters. At duty free, it is only selling for $58 and $50 if you get the duo pack which I did not regrettably. 

I would definitely repurchase this and I recommend this to those who are looking for instant results from a sleeping mask :)

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

[REVIEW] Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion - Magic Pink

Hi there ! Etude House recently launched their new product for SPRING 2014! It is the Precious Mineral Magic Any cushion .  So what is this cushion for? It actually works as a base after primer before foundation/BB/CC creams. It comes in 3 colors each for a different purpose - Peach : For brightening dull/yellowish skin tone,  Mint : For correcting redness and Pink : For pale skin tones.

Unfortunately I have redness to cover, dull and also pale skin and I was thinking ‘I need all three!’. But of course I can only afford one at the moment so I settled on Pink because I needed something to give my pale skin a healthier tone on days when I really want very minimal makeup.

My review :

Firstly, let me say how sweet the packaging is. You just can’t help but feel young using Etude House products. The cushion cover is pink , the puff is pink and even the cushion itself is pink! This is one of the rare pink items I carry in my bag everyday.

I really like how versatile this product is. It is a very convenient makeup base + highlighter. 

I dab a little of this on my T-zone and under eye areas before makeup and it just instantly adds a healthy tone to my pale face. I also like that it helps brighten my eye area and make me look awake in the mornings. This looks a little dewy when I first apply it on my face but it settles into a matte finish.

Tested the product on the right side of my hand.

I carry this around with me quite often nowadays because I like to re-apply under my eye areas if my eyeliner smudges towards the end of the day and I don’t want to look like a raccoon. Best thing is it doesn’t cause my existing make up to cake or smudge!

Because it acts like a highlighter/base, this product does not provide any coverage. I’m not sure about the other two colors but don’t try to apply too much of this at one go.. you will look like you just put on a white sheet mask on your face. One tap on the cushion is enough for the whole face.

This retails at $29.00 (without refill) at local Etude House stores. I find it a little expensive for a makeup base but I figured that I can use this for a long time because a little of it is really enough for an entire face.

I would recommend this for those who has pale skin tone and wish to have a healthier looking skin with a natural glow. This would also be ideal for those who doesn't like too much make up but wish to just provide a radiant/healthy tone to the face without too much hassle! 

Monday, 12 May 2014

[REVIEW] Laneige waterdrop lip tint - Neon pink , Etude House Color Lips Fit, Chanel Rouge Allure 138

Hello everyone!I am on my way to Bangkok for a short getaway :) Thought I'll write a quick post on three lip items which I have been using a lot lately. I am totally into the whole bold pink lip color trend right now !

Swatches on the lippies - From left to right : Etude House Color Lips-Fit , Laniege Waterdrop Tint and Chanel Rouge Allure

                            1. Etude House Color Lips-Fit in Fantasy pink

This has such a gorgeous sweet pink color and has a matte finish.

The pigmentation is really thick and glides on lips quite smoothly. It comes with an applicator and I really love how cute the packaging is! I also find that this lip tint is very long lasting. The color is still visible on my lips after a meal :)

The downsides that I have with this product is that this stains my front teeth quite easily (Spotted by my friends twice which is really embarrassing -_-). Therefore, best to check yourself in the mirror after applying this. This tint also dries out my lips quite a bit so I find myself having to apply either the top coat (It came with a small bottle when I purchased it) or a lip balm over it several times. 

2. Laneige waterdrop lip tint in Neon Pink

I actually wrote about this item some time back here. I love the coral shade so much i ordered a backup. Recently, this lip tint was officially launched in Singapore and I was tempted to try another colour. So I picked the neon pink color and love it so much. The consistency and pigmentation are really good 

My attempt to do a gradation effect on my lips with the Laneige Waterdrop tint :) What do you guys think? 

3. Chanel Rouge Allure in 138 

Finally this is my current fave lipstick from Chanel in number 138. I was told by the beauty advisor at the Chanel counter where I bought this that this colour was sold out for a while. This is a beautiful shade of pink - very similar to the Cheon SongYi' famous Iope lipstick which she uses in the k-drama "You who came from the stars". This lipstick is moisturising and doesn't dry out my lips at all. It is quite pricey for a lipstick though. It retails at SGD43.

Taking a shot for reference. Lighting doesn't do much justice to the lip color ! 
-_- It is a slightly darker shade of pink. 

Monday, 5 May 2014

[REVIEW] Hera UV Mist Cushion [Au Jour Le Jour edition]

Even when you have a huge make up stash, you just can't get enough huh?

I have a major obsession with cushion compacts recently and its not residing anytime soon. So sorry pls bear with my cushion reviews! Etude House Magic Any Cushion coming up soon :).  Anyway the HERA UV MIST CUSHION has already been widely reviewed by many bloggers! I decided to purchase this because I really love the HERA CC Cream and wanted to see if the cushion is as amazing. My friend was visiting Korea for her wedding photoshoot and she managed to get the limited edition for me. The packaging is designed by a French designer that was doing a collaboration with Hera. 

Look how cute is it ?!!

Coverage : I chose the one with the natural coverage [Shade N21]. I made a mistake of not doing a proper research before deciding on the shade thinking that 21 should not be a problem since I had the same number for the Laneige and IOPE cushions and the shades were right for my skin tone. But the 21 for this HERA cushion is slightly lighter than the rest. So I've not been able to be too heavy handed with this otherwise my face will be geisha-like. 

Although this is the natural coverage range, but the coverage is nearer to medium , higher than the Laneige and Lirikos' Cushions. But I still need a concealer for my redness and blemishes. The HERA cushion gives a dewy finish.

Right side of my hand was dabbed with a layer of the uv mist cushion.

Scent : This has a subtle pleasant floral scent. 

Sun protection : Similar to other cushions that I have, they all provide high SPF which I love. This has SPF 50/ PA+++.

Price : This cushion is the most expensive one that I own. It is retailing for 45,000KRW in Korea. It comes with one refill.

My thoughts..
Honestly I was slightly disappointed with the cushion because the HERA CC Cream was so awesome. Given the price, I was expecting a little more. Other then having it a shade lighter than my normal skin tone, this couldn't really cover up the redness on my cheeks and blemishes. The rest of its features are comparable to the rest of the cushions that I already have. So it didn't really wow me as I was expecting it to..  I feel that there are cheaper options that can deliver the same or better results. But I think the packaging made up for it. I just want to reach out to it every morning!