Sunday, 25 May 2014

[REVIEW] Sulwhasoo Over Night Revitalizing Mask

Just got back from a 4-day trip to Bangkok recently before the military took over. Thank god we got home safe :)

Anyway I was totally not prepared for the weather!  Bangkok was a million times warmer and drier. I felt like my skin was going to shrivel up like a prune anytime..  And I actually forgot to bring along a moisturizer.. *Slaps forehead* It was a result of debating which cream I should bring because I only wanted to bring ONE cream to save baggage space. And then my indecisiveness led to absent mindedness.

I only realized it when I unpacked my luggage in the hotel after a long day of shopping.. It was a complete nightmare.. *slams hands on table*

The only saving point was that I actually bought the Sulwhasoo mask at duty free before I flew to Bangkok. And this was the best decision I ever made. This mask was my savior! It is during these trying times that you can actually test how good a product is.

I put a layer of this on my face and..OMG..when I woke up in the morning my face was looking so hydrated and glowing.. I’ve never had trouble free skin when I travel skin never fails to react to weather changes and the environment. I was really expecting a break out on the second day of my trip because of the dry scorching heat and air pollution..

But I have never used a mask that revitalises and heals my skin as much as this.. I had no dry patchy skin and breakouts the next day and I could still put on like foundation without trouble. I applied a thin layer of this and it is actually not that sticky as expected. So I was able to sleep with much ease (I sleep sideways all the time).

I continued to use this almost every other day when I came back to Singapore. I guess because it is more humid here, I noticed that my face was a a little oily in the morning after using this the night before. But other than that, this still revives my skin and I could see that the pimples on my face were actually healing better.

The only concern that some people might want to note is the scent. This has a herbal ginger scent which I happen to love it but might not be so for others. 

This mask is retailing for $68 at local Sulwhasoo counters. At duty free, it is only selling for $58 and $50 if you get the duo pack which I did not regrettably. 

I would definitely repurchase this and I recommend this to those who are looking for instant results from a sleeping mask :)

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