Friday, 25 April 2014


TGIF everyone! 

Etude House is having a 30% storewide sale starting today till 27th April 2014! So for those of you who are eyeing stuff from there , now is a great time to get them! I got the new Colour Lips-Fit which is a highly pigmented lip tint. Krystal's beige colour seems to be sold out everywhere ;( so in the end I got the Sulli's colour instead in Fantasy Fit Pink. Can't wait to try it over the weekend ~~~ 

Anyway today I gathered up all my favourite masks that I want to share with all of you. Really excited to take the photos using my new mat as a background from DAISO. It's really cute and fits the spring/summer colours so well! Loving it !

Sorry for digressing! Ok lets start! First I want to say that I don't always have much luck with masks. I always break out from using masks because I am usually too lazy to scrutinise every ingredient on each mask sheets etc. So I'm really happy to find these babies which are effective and yet gentle to the skin.

Favourite Deep Cleansing Masks

1. RE:NK (Rebirth of New Skin) Cell Luminous Real White Detox Mask

This is a wash off type bubble mask with a self bubbling system. It provides deep cleansing and immediate brightening and skin soothing effects. I preferred this over the The Saem Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask because this really gives instant brightening effect and my face feels really clean without making my skin feels tight. And this only takes 5-10 mins. So I will usually apply this and wash it off while showering.  

2. TheFaceShop Babyface Volcanic Clay Pore Care Pack

I'm usually cautious when using clay related type of mask because I have dry and sensitive skin and clay type mask are usually too harsh for me. Recently my skin also broke out after trying out the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore clay mask. But this clay mask from TFS is super awesome ! This has got to be the most gentle clay mask I ever tried. 

Firstly its texture is not as hard and thick as normal clay masks. It is easier to apply evenly onto skin. It has a normal clay mask scent, nothing too overwhelming. And after washing off, I was surprised that my skin was really soft and smooth! However this didn't completely remove all the blackheads and whiteheads on my face but I tried to extract them and it was really easy as its almost like wiping them off from the surface of the skin.


 1. LEADERS AC-Dressing Skin Clinic Mask ($3 - $4 per sheet)
 This is my favourite out of all the Leaders' masks. This really helps in reducing redness and calming  skin. 

2. Innisfree Green Tea and Manuka Honey Face Masks ($2 per sheet)

I think Innisfree masks are incredibly awesome! They are so affordable and effective. For face masks, the number one spot for me is the Manuka Honey Face Mask and then the Green Tea one. 

I love that the Innisfree Masks doesn't leave you with the sticky feeling on your face after removing it. The Manuka Honey mask provides deep moisturising and my skin always feel so soft and supple after using it. 

I've also tried the cucumber, acai berry and shea butter face ones as well but they don't moisturise as good as the Manuka Honey Mask. I also pick the Green Tea because Green Tea helps soothe and calms skin and this mask also has good moisturing effects. 

 3. Innisfree neck & collarbone mask

Another good mask from Innisfree.. this is slightly more expensive ($4 per sheet) because it is from the 'special care' range. Neck lines is almost like fine lines on the face in my opinion .. they give away your age so easily.. so do remember to give some TLC to your neck area :)


Some days I am just too lazy or have no time to wait for a clay mask to dry up and wash it off or put on a sheet mask , I will put on a sleeping mask and go to sleep and let the mask do its work ~~

1. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

This should be a favourite for a lot of ladies out there :). This mask comes in a light gel texture and it provides intensive hydration. The actual product comes in jar and you just need to use the spatula provided and apply it all over your face and you will wake up to moisturised healthy looking skin :) Beware though not to apply too much of this because it is a little sticky and 

2. HERA Aquabolic Soft Touch Mask

I actually prefer this to the Laneige sleeping mask just by a slight margin. Firstly, it comes in a tube which I feel for sanitary reasons I would prefer this packaging . Secondly, it comes with a soft plastic tip applicator which you can just squeeze out the product and apply directly onto face. It is like painting a wall haha. 

It first comes out from the tube as a light gel texture but once you apply it onto your face and spread the product, it turns into water like texture. It is really light as though you didn't apply anything on your face and is not as sticky. 

The result is somewhat similar to the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. It gives great hydration and revitalises skin. 

I hope you like my sharing today and I would love to hear from you if you have great masks to recommend ! :)

Thursday, 24 April 2014

[REVIEW] Hanyul Rich Effect Revitalising Cream

Hi there! sorry for the short hiatus. I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter holiday. Recently I've been spending quite a lot on Gmarket on a number of new skincare and makeup products that I can't wait to share with you guys. 

One of the items I got was the the Hanyul Rich Effect Revitalising cream or also known as the 'Seodam' or also the 'Cheon Song Yi' cream! Hanyul is a slightly cheaper option to Sulwhasoo and it is really popular in Korea. I was researching and reading reviews on Korean anti-ageing creams and really wanted to introduce anti-ageing type of skincare into my skincare routine without having to break my bank account. This is one product that I've seen people talked about quite a bit and also it was on discount! 

Essentially, the Rich Effect Revitalising Cream is an anti-aging cream that features the use of black beans extract (RFOx). According to the description slip that came with the cream, the Black beans are harvested after enduring frost in the alpine region in Korea and these beans hold a concentrated energy that was built up in the plant while it endured the cold harsh environment to protect itself from the cold.

In summary, this cream helps slow down ageing and provide nourishment to the skin, making it healthier , hydrated and more elastic. The result is smooth, healthy, radiant skin!

I actually heard about this cream since last year on Yellowycream's blog but was a little apprehensive to try it because I know it is a cream that uses oriental herbs and all and I was thinking it sounded similar to the DHC Kakonjuka cream which is made of mushroom herbs. The DHC cream was a total regrettable buy. I couldn't stand the smell of it and the cream was really oily and difficult to absorb onto my face. I couldn't even make it past a week.

Then while looking through the Amore Pacific shop on Gmarket one day, I realised that I was having a sale and this cream was going for only about 45,000 KRW which originally could cost about 60-70,000 won? And being the cheapo me, I just cart out immediately. And I am so so glad that I gave this cream a chance !

I have to say I like this cream way more than the DHC one.

It has a ginseng smell but not as strong as Sulwhalsoo's products. The smell dissipates after afew minutes after applying onto skin. What I like is that although this cream seems rich, it absorbs really quickly and doesn't leave any sticky feeling. Instead, I love to touch my face right after applying this because my face becomes really smooth. 

I've used this cream every night for about 3 weeks. The lines on my forehead didn't disappear but they did not become worse either. Overall, I feel that my skin tone has improved. I have really yellowy dull skin with persistant redness on my cheeks. Of course I do have to give credit also to Lirikos Marine Triple Treatment which I've reviewed previously if you have not read it. 

This cream provides good hydration as well. I wake up to well rested skin with no signs of dryness which is good because skin with no proper hydration really speeds up the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I've actually purchased a second jar of this because I'm satisfied with it so far given how affordable it is for an anti-ageing cream and I would like to continue to observe the effects of this with long term use. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

[REVIEW] Laneige Snow BB Cushion Vs Lirikos Marine UV Water Cushion

Today I'm going to share with you two BB/foundation cushions which I'm using a lot right now ever since my skin irritation has improved over the last 2 weeks. They are the Laneige Snow BB Cushion (shade #21 Natural beige) which is really popular here in Singapore and the Lirikos Marine UV water cushion (Water Vanilla) . I'm really loving this brand Lirikos recently because I've had great results after using their Marine Triple Treatment.

I think almost every cosmetic brand in Korea has released their own version of a cushion. The most popular ones seemed to be the IOPE and Hera ones (My review on the IOPE Air Cushion here).

I chose a high coverage for Iope Air Cushion while the Laneige and Lirikos Cushions are more to light to medium coverage. I wanted different levels of coverage so that I can use each one depending on the condition of my skin. 



The Laneige and Lirikos cushions are really similar in terms of their coverage, skincare functions and results. Both provides very light and refreshing textures, moisturising, good UV coverage and cooling to the skin. 

I love the packaging from Lirikos because it looks like a pretty sea shell which I think really matches its marine deep sea concept. However, the Lirikos version only comes in two shades. I chose the lightest shade in water vanilla which is a good match for my skin tone. The Laneige cushion has a slightly cooler shade while the Lirikos is more towards a warm tone. Hence, I am always mindful to cover up my neck area if I am using the Laneige cushion because my skin tone is more towards the yellow tone and the difference is obvious.

Both cushions are very easy to blend with the puff given and because they are so lightweight and moisturising, touching up is hassle free and I have no worries of my makeup looking cakey. 

As for the finish, I think the Laneige one can be a little too dewy and glowy which can make it look oily to me. The Lirikos cushion also provides a dewy finish but I think it is more natural and balanced. 

In terms of pricing, the Lirikos one is actually quite affordable. I purchased mine from Gmarket  which costs about $45 with shipping. It comes with one refill. The Laneige one is slightly more expensive from this seller at $39 excluding shipping. This is only a guide as I only want to link those sellers whom I've purchased from them before to ensure that they are reliable. With shipping it might come up to about $50? Would still be slightly cheaper as compared to the retail price of $59.  

Let me know your thoughts if you have tried both cushions or have recommendations for other brand's cushions :)

Monday, 7 April 2014

[REVIEW] Chanel Le Blanc Whitening Moisturising Cream, Le Blanc Light Revealing Whitening Makeup Base, Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder

 Hi everyone ! I hope it has been a great start to the week for all of you. 

 Today I'm going to share with you 3 Chanel items which I treated myself to as a birthday gift  for (sorry wallet!).  

(TOP From left : Le Blanc Whitening Moisturising Cream, Le Blanc Light Revealing Whitening Makeup Base,  Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder) 

The bottom 2 items are actually samples so kindly ignore them. Sorry for the strand of hair that I suddenly realised it was there after I took this picture :P) 


This is, by far , the silkiest cream I have ever come across. The feeling is like applying a primer on my face and is awesome under make up. It just feels really luxurious. I reckon it should given the price tag. Anyway it didn't disappoint so far :)

It claims to brighten up dull and yellow skin tones as well as reduce the appearance of dark spots and pigmentations. I've not noticed any difference in terms of my skin tone because I'm using this only once a day in the morning before my makeup. I make it a point to apply a cream or serum with whitening function at least once a day, because I feel that in sunny Singapore, there's bound to be a certain level of exposure to UV rays even with sunscreen on, so a whitening product can help to regulate the melanin production and keep the spots at bay.. I hope?!

Another thing that I'm really in love with this cream is the packaging. It comes in a typical Chanel classy white frosted jar but the jar lid is made wide enough to hold the spatula that comes with the cream just before closing the lid. I tend to always lose these spatulas at some point for my other creams, so this is really thoughtful n smart packaging for me.

What I do not like about this product?  The price tag. This cost $150 at Chanel counters. I guess at this price, I expected it to do more wonderful things :P. 


I've been eyeing this for a while now. As the name says it is makeup base that contains pearl protein extracts that instantly brightens any dull skin and provides an illuminating effect. 

I really like this because it just gives a natural yet visible glow. I picked the Rosée shade as it is meant to refresh tired and dull complexions with a radiant dream glow. I also like that it helps to neutralise my yellowy skin tone. The texture is quite watery but glides on smoothly onto skin and it makes skin looks good even just wearing this alone ! 

Although this comes in a pretty small container, I use only a few drops at one time because 
I tried once using more product and my skin got so white I looked scary. So a little of it makes a lot of difference. 


This powder is super fine and light weight.  It has an ultra-protective formula, enriched with cotton flower and white rose plant cells which are soothing and gentle to the skin. Essentially it is a finishing powder to be used as a last step in your skin up routine. It comes in a gorgeous white casing with a brush included. The brush is separated with the powder with a sturdy plastic divider which again makes me in awe of Chanel's packaging!

I have mix reactions to this powder. I love that it gives a satin flawless finish with a slight dewy look. However, this does not control oil well. So I wouldn't recommend for those with oily skin. It actually comes in a pretty big compact, so I feel this is probably the best value for money item out of the 3 items I got as I think this can last me for at least 1 to 2 years? This is retailing for about $84 at Chanel counters.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

[REVIEW] Dr. Jart+ BB Bounce Beauty Balm

I was really excited when Dr Jart released their new range of bb creams in Singapore last week at most Guardian stores! 

Dr Jart is noted for its BB creams and I have even read about them in western fashion beauty magazines like Elle on BB cream recommendations alongside the likes of major brands like Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown. 

The reason why I have not gotten my hands on one of its BB creams is because I have never like applying BB creams from a tube after the invention of BB cushions ! Blending with a cushion puff makes it 10 times easier then having to blend with fingers. It tends to get messy for me.

That is why I was sooo excited when I saw this !

 A BB Balm similar to a BB/foundation cushion!

Directions: Like how you would use a cushion, you need to just use the puff that comes with it and dab onto the gauze to get the product on the puff. Finally dab onto skin to blend.

I could not find much information about this bouncy beauty balm which I think is because it is a very new product. I tested this product at the stores twice before deciding to purchase it.

What it says on the pack "A unique bouncing formular with rich moisturising and tension provides moist vitality and bounce to tired skin. Covers blemishes and pores, corrects uneven skin tone and texture, helps clear and firm."

This is a multi-functional touch up Bounce Beauty Balm that has anti-aging properties, brightens skin and UV ray protection.

My Experience ..
I'm happy to report that I really love this product very much! This is one of the rare bb creams with high coverage and it really gives a flawless finish. 

Red patches were breaking out on my cheeks for the past week because of an irritation to a new cosmetic product that I'm testing and this actually helps covers up the redness really well and doesn't irritate it further at all which I'm so glad.

The texture of the BB is pretty thick and did throw me off a little at first when I tested it at the stores on the back of my hand. I was expecting it to turn cakey and dry. But after letting it set for a few minutes, my hand was sooo smooth and the texture of my skin was wonderful. It last for hours until I got home and my hand didn't feel dry at all.

I have combination to dry skin and this BB doesn't dry out my skin even towards the end of day when I get off work. And that is like 8 to 9 hours after wearing it.

What I really love about this product:

  • Clings onto skin so well you'd feel like you are not wearing anything
  • Moisturising
  • Provides medium to high coverage but yet the finish is natural 
  • Has whitening and anti-aging skin care functions
  • Flawless and natural finish - semi dewy towards baby skin matte
  • Great even for those with sensitive skin

Areas that I don't love as much

  • SPF 30++ is not enough for me but I usually use a SPF50+++ sunscreen before any make up. 
  • More tapping required to apply and out this BB as texture is pretty thick. Good exercise for the hand though. :) 
  • The gauze doesn't do much to keep the BB in so it looks messy. 
Would I repurchase ? 

Yes! I really like the idea of applying BB creams instead of foundations because of its skincare properties. It is great to know that it is good for my skin and at the same time making my skin look good especially in times of skin crisis! This is a saviour for me for the past week as my skin was stinging with irritation.. And I had to cut down my make up routine to just this BB balm and eyeliner. 
Highly recommend this for those who are looking for high coverage BB with flawless finish!