Thursday, 24 April 2014

[REVIEW] Hanyul Rich Effect Revitalising Cream

Hi there! sorry for the short hiatus. I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter holiday. Recently I've been spending quite a lot on Gmarket on a number of new skincare and makeup products that I can't wait to share with you guys. 

One of the items I got was the the Hanyul Rich Effect Revitalising cream or also known as the 'Seodam' or also the 'Cheon Song Yi' cream! Hanyul is a slightly cheaper option to Sulwhasoo and it is really popular in Korea. I was researching and reading reviews on Korean anti-ageing creams and really wanted to introduce anti-ageing type of skincare into my skincare routine without having to break my bank account. This is one product that I've seen people talked about quite a bit and also it was on discount! 

Essentially, the Rich Effect Revitalising Cream is an anti-aging cream that features the use of black beans extract (RFOx). According to the description slip that came with the cream, the Black beans are harvested after enduring frost in the alpine region in Korea and these beans hold a concentrated energy that was built up in the plant while it endured the cold harsh environment to protect itself from the cold.

In summary, this cream helps slow down ageing and provide nourishment to the skin, making it healthier , hydrated and more elastic. The result is smooth, healthy, radiant skin!

I actually heard about this cream since last year on Yellowycream's blog but was a little apprehensive to try it because I know it is a cream that uses oriental herbs and all and I was thinking it sounded similar to the DHC Kakonjuka cream which is made of mushroom herbs. The DHC cream was a total regrettable buy. I couldn't stand the smell of it and the cream was really oily and difficult to absorb onto my face. I couldn't even make it past a week.

Then while looking through the Amore Pacific shop on Gmarket one day, I realised that I was having a sale and this cream was going for only about 45,000 KRW which originally could cost about 60-70,000 won? And being the cheapo me, I just cart out immediately. And I am so so glad that I gave this cream a chance !

I have to say I like this cream way more than the DHC one.

It has a ginseng smell but not as strong as Sulwhalsoo's products. The smell dissipates after afew minutes after applying onto skin. What I like is that although this cream seems rich, it absorbs really quickly and doesn't leave any sticky feeling. Instead, I love to touch my face right after applying this because my face becomes really smooth. 

I've used this cream every night for about 3 weeks. The lines on my forehead didn't disappear but they did not become worse either. Overall, I feel that my skin tone has improved. I have really yellowy dull skin with persistant redness on my cheeks. Of course I do have to give credit also to Lirikos Marine Triple Treatment which I've reviewed previously if you have not read it. 

This cream provides good hydration as well. I wake up to well rested skin with no signs of dryness which is good because skin with no proper hydration really speeds up the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I've actually purchased a second jar of this because I'm satisfied with it so far given how affordable it is for an anti-ageing cream and I would like to continue to observe the effects of this with long term use.