Monday, 9 June 2014

[INNISFREE MINI HAUL] Eco Safety Daily Sun Mist, Olive Real Oil Mist, Long Wear Cushion, Gel Liner, Shadow Pencil and Eco Eyebrow Kit

Innisfree has been expanding recently in Singapore. Now they have a total of 3 stores! I just love stepping into an Innisfree store because there is this subtle green tea scent. Its just so natural and therapeutic. And to top it off you get to stare at Lee Min Ho's face while you shop hahaha. 

Anyway I bought a couple of items from them in the last couple of months and I thought I will just consolidate all my favourite items into this post :). 

Innisfree Eco Safety Daily Sun Mist - SPF PA 30++

The thing that I like about this sun mist is that it doesn't ruin my makeup! It is light and doesn't leave white patches on my face. It absorbs onto skin really quickly as well. I put this at on my work desk and I like to spray a little of this on my face , arms and legs before lunch time everyday so I could get some sun protection while walking to the hawker centre for lunch :)

 I also love that this contains organic sunflower oil and green tea which are good for my skin. It has a signature Innisfree citrusy herbal scent. 

Innisfree Olive Real Oil Mist - with extra virgin olive oil

Mists are a huge thing in Korea but not so in Singapore because our weather is soooo humid. But I discovered that mists are really great for travelling. I could bring this on the plane (its less than 100ml) and it's an extremely convenient way to moisturise my skin on the go. And this was one of my survival items when I was visiting Bangkok last month. The weather was so warm and dry my skin was like shrivelling up into a prune. I find myself spraying this mist like every hour. The mist has this citrusy scent which is so refreshing and with extra virgin olive oil? I wish that I had discovered this gem long agoo.. 

Innisfree Long Wear Cushion SPF50 PA+++ - Shade N21

My first cushion from Innisfree ! This is one of their new products for this summer and this cushion foundation is meant for those with oily skin who wish to have long lasting make up coverage. This cushion comes in a casing with a simple clean design. The highlight would be the product itself. It has powdery matte finish and doesn't feel sticky at all. On top of that it has really good coverage, I would say medium to high! And I find that it could last about 8-10 hours (2 hours under the sun and the rest in an air con room). Probably wouldn't last that long if you need to be under the sun constantly) However as it has a powdery finish, layering would cause some product to sit into lines a little. Otherwise this cushion is really awesome for humid and warm weathers. 

With the Innisfree Long Wear Cushion :)

Upper swatch - Innisfree Shadow Pencil in shade 02, Bottom - Innisfree Gel Liner - 07 

Innisfree Gel Liner - 07 Brown 

Super in love with this liner right now. It glides on really smoothly and the pigmentation is fantastic. Love the deep brown colour which is not too stark like black but still dark enough to make my monolid eyes bigger. It smudges slightly but nothing too raccoon like. Only issue would be having to sharpen this eyeliner which might have some product wastage.

Innisfree Shadow Pencil in shade 02

This eyeshadow pencil is highly versatile. I use it as an eyeshadow base and only for undereye to highlight the aygeo sal :) I am not really a fan to use white shadow for undereye as it doesn't look too natural. This shadow pencil has a beige pink tone which I find is more natural for my skin tone. 
It can stay on for 4-5 hours without a need for touch up:)

Innisfree Eco Eyebrow Kit 

I've always been a eyebrow pencil user but not a very good one. Haha I always end up with brows like two strips of sea weeds. But let me tell you using a powder is so much easier. The brush that comes with it is surprisingly easy to use. You just need to swipe the lighter colour on the front of your brows and then the darker colour towards the end. It is quick and fuss free. Plus I use the lighter colour powder to contour my nose. Highly recommend this for those who just suck at using a pencil like me or beginners who are still getting the hang of drawing brows :).

I hope you guys like my reviews :) Would be happy if you could share what is your favourite Innisfree item :)

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  1. Does tge mist do well at setting make up. Like when half way throughthe day ure makeup goes patchy will it help? Thnks