Friday, 7 February 2014

[REVIEW] The Saem - Dr. Beauty Cell White Illumi-Cream, Ardent Lady Auto Gel Pencil EyeLiner , The Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 bubble mask

Hello! I hope everyone had a great week so far. Today I am going to share my review on the products I got at The Saem store in Hongkong when I was there in January. I bought the Gem Miracle Black Pearl 02 Bubble Mask(what a mouthful ;) haha) which is one of the more popular items from The Saem in Korea, the Ardent Lady Auto Gel Pencil eyeliners in Black and Deep Blood and also the Dr.Beauty Cell White Illumi-Cream. The prices are definitely way more than Korea but oh well, I was really wanting to try out some of their products since I really liked their concealer I ordered from Ebay sometime back.

1. The Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask

The Gem Miracle Black Pearl 02 Bubble Mask is a deep cleansing mask. It comes out in a gel form but it gradually turns into foam. My sister tried it out with me together. She wasn't a fan of the ticklish feeling of the foam on her face while she waited out the 10 minutes as required. The mask has a soap smell.. After washing, it leaves a feeling of a really well cleansed face but it gives a tight feeling which I don't really like. 

Overall, I think this bubble mask is a little hyped , maybe because of the bubble mask novelty. I wouldn't purchase it again because i think there are better deep cleansing masks out there which are more moisturising than this one. 

My sister trying out the mask!

2. Ardent Lady Waterproof Auto Gel Eyeliners

I also picked up The Saem's Ardent Lady Waterproof Auto Gel Eyeliners in Deep Blood (more of a burgundy color) and Black. Did a swatch below :). I really like the Deep blood colour which is more towards purple than red. I would apply this lightly on top of my black liner to double up as an eyeshadow. 

It is waterproof but the black is not as smudge proof as I like. It does transfers to my bottom eye area after a while but it is not as bad as compared to the The Face Shop Gel Eyeliner. And I feel this is creamier than the Etude House Proof 10 eyeliner. I have oily lids so most creamy gel eyeliners would smudge on me. However, I still love gel pencil eyeliners because they are so easy to use than liquid and those potted gel liners.. 

3. Dr Beauty Cell White Illumi-Cream

 I wasn't 100% sure why I got this product .. as usually I would have done at least some research before buying skincare products.. I guess I was quite intrigued by the word 'jelly fish' on a cream jar.. Anyway the sales lady was recommending this for a brightening and hydrating cream which I desperately needed so I decided to give it a go.

I went to find out more about this cream before actually trying it. E.G.F stands for (Epidermal growth factors )which is a highly efficient cell division factor with a variety of biological activity. It can repair epidermis, delay aging, fade speckles, inhibit wrinkles, and moisten skin. Sounds good so far.. 

VCCE  stands for Vitamin C Cetyl Ether technology which is effective in reducing uneven skin tone & age spots, and restores collagen fibres bond overnight. 

Finally.. the Jellyfish extract! From what I gathered from a few articles, it seems that the Koreans are finding a solution to the overpopulation of jellyfish which is hurting the fishing industry. And scientists have found a way to extract collagen in jellyfish to be used not just in Korean skin care products but also in cosmetics!

I've been using this with my IOPE Bio Intensive Conditioning and I really love the look of my brightened skin now. I can see a difference in the morning after applying this cream at night. It definitely has some brightening effects and helps to lighten my red patches. Best thing is that it doesn't break me out which I was worried about as my skin tends to do so with rich creams. 

It has no weird smells, just a light pleasant odour. This cream is non-sticky but takes a few minutes to be completely absorbed.

I guess some people might not be comfortable with the idea of applying jellyfish extract on their face but it doesn't really bother me as much. In terms of hydration this cream does enough to keep my skin moisturised through the night but people with dry skin might need to layer this with a hydrating cream. 

I have also not seen any anti-aging effects from this cream and it doesn't do any help in healing my pimples too. 

So I would recommend this for those who are really just looking for a whitening cream. 

I hope my reviews have been helpful :) 

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