Tuesday, 18 March 2014

[REVIEW] Su:m 37 Water-full Timeless Moisturizing Cream

Hello everyone! Today's post is on another moisturising cream that I got recently together with the Primera Alpine Berry Watery Cream when I was looking for a really good moisturising cream to save my dehydrated face. In the end I couldn't decide which to get out of the two and went ahead to get both!

Su:M37 is a brand under LG and the feature of this line is that it contains fermented ingredients -  fermented lotus extracts, fermented bamboo sap and fermented fruit water which helps skin to maintain vitality and moisture for long periods of time.

I purchased this cream on Qoo10 for about SGD57. I chose the cream type over the gel because I wanted a richer cream that I can use at night. 
But it slipped my mind that I had also recently purchased another anti-aging cream to be used at night (how absent minded :P) so I decided to use this in the morning. This cream is not as thick and rich as I expected it to be and it is very easy to apply. It also has a very light pleasant scent.
It glides on to skin smoothly and I'm not sure if it is due to the bottle container but the product is always cooling when I apply it on my face which is a good feeling.

Pros -
1. Keeps my face moisturised for entire day 
2. This cream works well under makeup
3. Absorbs pretty fast
4. Soothing for the face/ Did not break me out

Cons - 
1. Slightly sticky when I apply it on my face. 
2. Packaging - this cream comes in a bulky jar which is difficult to carry around for travel. 
3. Somewhat pricey for a moisturising cream

 Overall verdict - A good moisturising cream for those with dry, or dehydrated skin. It lives up to what it claims to do. However, I think there are cheaper options out there which are equally good. For me I would repurchase the Primera Alpine Berry Watery Cream (my review here) instead of this cream simply because the Primera one is much cheaper and equally effective in keeping my face moisturised well.

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