Tuesday, 11 March 2014

February Favourite Items! Innisfree + Benefit + Laneige + Too Cool For School

Hello! I'm back with another post. I've done a couple of reviews  so i thought I will do a different one today. I will be sharing some of my favourite make up items that I recently bought and lurrrvvveeee ;). 

  Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact 

  This has got to be my favourite Innisfree product! The packaging is not exactly spectacular but this product does a really amazing job in controlling oil/sebum for long hours. Sorry for the photos with the stain on the pact. I had accidentally spilled BB cream on it and its been there ever since. I'm using the rest of the parts of the pact now.  

I dab this with the sponge given on my eyelids and my eyeshadow and eyeliner stays on for at least 9 hours without budging. I also brush this lightly over my makeup and this makes my face smooth and oil free for the entire day without making my face look cakey.  This retails for about $15 at my local Innisfree store and I think this is the best item from Innisfree which I've used so far. This pact can last for a really long time. I've been using this more often recently because it's especially warm here in Singapore during this time of the year and I will sweat like crazy the moment I leave the house. 

I highly recommend this if you have oily skin or living in a hot country like me and you do not want your make up to melt through the day. 

Benefit Fine-ONE-ONE

I got this Benefit Fine-One-One sheer brightening cheek & lip trio and it is awesome ! It consists of the colours Pink Champagne (works as a highlighter), sheer watermelon and soft coral that blends together to give your look an instant LIFT, SHAPE and POP. 

How to use : Glide from apple of your cheek to your temple and then blend with fingertips in an upward circular motion.

I don't usually use this type of cream blusher because in past experience, the cream dries up so fast when you apply on your cheeks that it is hard to blend and even out the colour. But this product blends so well and easily! 

Honestly the pink looks scary when I first glide the product to try on my hand as I don't usually apply bright pink shades on my skin. But after blending,it turns out to be a really natural coral colour. I really like the in-built highlighter because it really gives you a natural healthy glow on your cheeks without making it seem like you have anything on your face. I also use my finger to apply the highlighter on my T-zone to give it a natural glow. 

I applied more on my wrist in the photos above to show you the colour but you can apply lesser amount of the product to make it more natural :) 

I got it for SGD48 at Sephora. It is a little pricey. But if budget is not relevant for you then I really recommend this ! :) 

Laneige Waterdrop Tint in Peach Coral

Too Cool For School 'Dinoplatz Lost Identity' - 'Lost in Hawaii' 

I have a serious love for these two lip tints! They are such wonderful products that I am in awe with the team of beauty makers that created these two items.

The Laneige Waterdrop Tint has got to be my favourite tint. It is like a tint and gloss together. It is moisturising, highly pigmented and long lasting. It is soo easy to apply. When I'm in a hurry in the morning without a mirror with me, I just swipe this tint on my lips once and it will still turn out awesome. I got this for SGD22.90 on Qoo10 because it is not launched in Singapore yet. It is alittle pricey for lip tint but It is so awesome that I am going to repurchase it and try another colour. 

My second favourite tint has got to the 'Dinoplatz Lost Identity' from Too Cool for School in the colour 'Lost in Hawaii' (what a mouthful haha). This is a sheer tint but I love the orange shade because it is just so natural after applying and this tint is very moisturising. However this is not as long lasting as the Laneige one. It comes in a retractable stick which is really convenient and cute. This is about SGD15 on Qoo10. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post :)

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