Thursday, 6 March 2014

[REVIEW] Sulwhasoo

Hi everyone, this is a post on my experience with Sulwhasoo's products. I bought 2 of their products last Christmas as a gift to myself (I know, it's another excuse to spend money :P). Anyway my facial skin was really dull and not looking good at that time. I was really looking to splurge on something that can rejuvenate my skin and slooowww doown ageing. I heard so many raves about the First Care Activating Serum and couldn't resist trying it even though it costs a bomb!

While at the counters, I also got the Rejuvenating eye cream for my undereye fine lines too. The sales lady was really kind to give me a sample of the gentle cleansing oil and cleansing foam which are actually pretty huge for a sample. 

From left : First care activating serum, Gentle cleansing oil, Gentle cleansing foam, Rejuvenating Eye cream. The two samples are 50ml each ;)

First Care Activating Serum
From what I gathered, this acts like the IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning except that this is in the form of a serum so it's slightly thicker in texture.

What it claims on its website - Formulated to replenish essential moisture and nutrients and to boost the effect of every subsequent treatment. Milk-vetch, licorice, and dwarf lilyturf work synergistically to optimize the Korean herbal ingredients in the complete collection while deeply hydrating.

I followed what the sales lady said to apply this right after cleansing. The product is dark brown in colour and expectedly,has a ginseng scent like the eye cream. Hence, if you are sensitive to strong or herbal scents, you might want to give it a sniff at the stores first to see if you are ok with it. But one point to note is that the ginseng smell gradually disappears once the product get absorbed into skin.

I guess I have somewhat high expectations for this serum, because of the number of positive reviews I've read online and the hefty price tag (about USD90).. but sadly I was disappointed with this product. I expected this to really improve my skintone and keep
my face looking radiant and glowy.. I've used about 1/4 of this and honestly, this doesn't cause any breakouts or worsen my skin condition but in terms of visible improvement to my face condition, so far I've observed none yet. I am also not sure whether it helps boost the skincare products I apply after this.

As a moisturising agent, this does ok but I still require a moisturiser. I'm thinking perhaps I need to use this for a longer period of time before the results are visible.

But if you are considering to purchase this I would recommend to try a sample first.

Rejuvenating Eye Cream
This is my favourite item and I'm glad that I purchased this. This retails for about USD60 but I think it will be cheaper on online stores. 

What it claims -This age-defying eye cream revitalizes skin around the eyes, reducing lines and wrinkles and minimising dark circles and puffiness.

Enzyme treated Korean Red Ginseng Saponin Effectively minimises wrinkles around the eye area and Yai Jiu hua and honey promotes skin's natural skin circulation to combat dark circles and puffiness.
Hydrating and softening, this age-defying eye cream restores renewed radiance and vitality to the eye area.

This eye cream is light weight with quite a pungent ginseng scent. For me this works really well for fine lines. I've read that fine lines cannot be totally removed unless with surgery but skin care products can help to lighten and make the lines less visible and prevent it from worsening. This eye cream really does well in terms of lightening the lines on my undereye area and on the whole makes my eye area looks more supple and "lifted".  

It is also effective in terms of reducing puffiness. As for dark circles, I did not see any difference and I do not think this cream helps in this area. My dark circles got
pretty bad and I ended up having to buy the Clinique dark circle corrector which is so so awesome ! I'll talk about this really soon.

I think this is a good investment if you are looking for something to reduce the look of fine lines on your eye area.

Gentle cleansing oil

This is my 2nd favourite item from Sulwhasoo. I got this as a sample and have used it a couple of times. This cleansing oil does not have a ginseng smell haha like finally.. instead it has a light herbal/mint scent.

What I really love about this is that it doesn't irritate my eyes at all so its really safe to use to remove eye makeup. And second thing is that it doesn't dry out the skin and my skin feels smooth and still hydrated.

In terms of cleaning power it doesn't melt down eye makeup as fast as the Banila Co Clean it Zero. But it still does a good job in terms of removing makeup thoroughly. I have purchased a full bottle of it online when it is on sale for about 25USD
(it is retailing for USD45-50) and can't wait to use it after I finish my jar of Clean it Zero :)

Gentle cleansing foam

This cleansing foam is my boyfriend's favourite. He was using this while we were travelling together. He really liked how this foam cleanses the facial skin without causing it to dry out and no tightness feeling after using it. This product is really similar to the cleansing oil in terms of appearance (brown liquid) and smell. 
This is retailing for about 36USD I think. 

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