Friday, 28 February 2014

[REVIEW] Primera Alpine Berry Watery Cream

Hello everyone, I'm back with a review on the Primera Alpine Berry Watery Cream. Recently I am on a quest to to find a good moisturising cream because I've been using an emulsion for my day and night skin care and I realised that my skin really lacks hydration overtime as the emulsion I'm using is quite light. 

I've always have oily combination skin and living in a hot tropical country with high humidity, slapping on thick creams on my face didn't sound like a good idea for me. Furthermore I used to be lazy about skincare and one emulsion can be all I apply all day. 

Anyway recently, my skin turned much dryer.  I guess its due to ageing (sigh) and long periods of working in an air conditioned environment. 

And after a day at work I noticed that my skin looks dry with lines looking more obvious than before and my makeup will turn patchy. And so I was frantically looking around for a good cream to help my skin restore its moisture level.  

After some research, I ordered the Primera Alpine Berry Watery Cream and also the SUM:37 Timeless Moisturising Cream. I couldn't decide which was better so I got both. I'll be doing a review on the latter soon! :) 

The Primera Alpine Berry Watery Cream is a pretty popular product in Korea. I find it to be quite affordable. I bought it on Qoo10 for SGD$35 (50ml). It comes in a jar container with a protective lid. 

The main ingredients used for this cream are Alpine Strawberry Sprout (moisturising) , Aloe Vera Leaf (Soothing) and Papaya Extract (brightening). 

What it says on the cover " A cream which provides rich hydration with alpine strawberry and aloe vera leaf extract while revitalising the skin with papaya fruit extract containing Vitamin C and Keratinoid" 

I really like how natural these main ingredients are and after using this for about 2 weeks, I am sold ! 

Key things that I love about this cream 
- It is a watery cream as it claims in texture which makes it so easy to apply on my skin. It glides on really smoothly. 
- Absorbs pretty fast into skin. 
- It doesn't cause any breakouts for me.
- It's moisturising function is awesome. It is so rich given the texture. Even for night use my skin looked well rested and moisturised in the morning. 
- The packaging is really travel friendly!

 Things that I don't really love about this cream
- Cream is slightly sticky when applying but it disappears when cream is absorbs into skin. 
- Some people may not like the smell. It has a light herbal/peppermint smell. I personally
have no problems with it.
- Yet to see any brightening effects. Hopefully it will help brighten my skin when I use for a longer period. 

Will I repurchase ? Yes ! For me this did not disappoint at all and in fact, works equally well as the SUM:37 Timeless Moisturising Cream at a much affordable price. 

I would recommend this for for people who are looking for a rich and lasting moisturising cream. :) 

I hope my review has been helpful to you :)

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  1. hye. i would like to know, does the product has any effect on brightness of your skin? does it help lighten your acne scar? thanks