Friday, 10 January 2014


Hello to you who is reading this now :) 

This is my first ever blog in my entire life haha. And I will be posting some reviews of skin care and make up products that I am using or had used before. 

Why did I decide to start a blog ? Hmm honestly I have been putting on make up since years ago. I've always been more interested in cosmetics rather than skincare. My compulsive buying behavior will tend to show when there are new blushers or eyeliners in the drugstore ! Skincare was always basic.. Cleansing and moisturising. I wasn't even bothered with toner. Occassionally I might use a mask or essence. My combination skin was all along fuss free.. but I concluded that it was me who was too lazy to notice anything since it can be covered with more makeup! *Shakes head with regret*. 

However .. after hitting 25 *sobs* yes i've entered that phase now... one fine day I noticed lines start to show under my eyes when I laugh and red rough irritated skin on my cheeks.. together with overall dull unattractive skin.. I had this overwhelming sense of panic. I was like 'GOODNESS WHAT HAPPENED?!' So I quickly headed down to the local stores to and bought full routine of skincare products from whichever sales lady sounded the most convincing. 

Of course, I realised that some of the products just doesn't work at all and I totally wasted alot of money . Thereafter I started to spend a lot of time researching on products online from other beauty blogs before purchasing them. And I really liked reading honest reviews from other bloggers. That also got me started on an ebay and Qoo10 craze as well!!! I'm so thankful for them because I'm really into korean make up and skincare.. yes yes hahaha I am one of those who failed to resist the Korean Hallyu craze.. aka the Korean Wave.. 

And I've since bought some really AAAMMAZZZINGG stuff and I am dying to share ! So I decided that why not blog about them !!:)

I will be reviewing some Banila CO products shortly ! 

Thanks for reading !

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