Monday, 13 January 2014


Today I am excited to review an amazing product I've discovered! I ordered a Primer from Banila Co because I've heard so much about it and also a base and eyeliner from Qoo10 and the items came so fasttt! 

(from left: Eye Love Eyeliner, Prime Primer Hydrating, it Shiny Shimmering base, it radiant brightening CC sample, Prime Primer Classic sample, SQUARE black eyeliner and Extra Black sesame oil sample) 

My loots came within 1 week in a sturdy box with bubble wraps. I'm seriously impressed with the speed of the delivery and would definitely go back to this seller [BANILA CO NO.1] You can check the site here. :) 

(Jessica from SNSD, the latest face of Banila Co)

So anyway the seller also gave a couple of samples and one of them is a make up remover CLEAN IT ZERO (I forgot to to include in the picture above!) This was my favourite item out of the loots! Yes , a sample! 

For me, I'm using SIMPLE cleansing wipes now because I really dislike oil base make up remover. . I'll tell you why.. 

Firstly, oil make up removers are so difficult to use with a cotton pad. They are so are so thick that when you rub against my skin the cotton strands will just all stick to my face. Or am I using them wrong? ;p If I just use my hands to massage it on my face , some of it will get into my eyes and it always clouds my contact lens and I literally cannot see a thing for the rest of the make up removing process. And my hands are too oily to want to remove the lens. 

So then I ended up avoiding the lash lines each time but after shower, the left over make up just forms a shadow under my eye and I have to remove it a second time. 

 To avoid the hassle with oil make up removers , I switched to using SIMPLE cleansing wipes. It is quite effective and convenient.. but the thing about wipes is that sometimes I need to use more force to rub off my waterproof eye makeup, which I really try to avoid doing so..but because I've not found a better alternative before this, I continued with the wipes for quite some time.. until I tried the BANILA CO CLEAN IT ZERO!! 

This product is so AMAZING. It just ticks all the boxes for me .. 
1) removes makeup thoroughly 
2) easy on the eyes (because I use eyeliner every single day.. even if it is just to walk to 7-11 opposite my house hahha) , and 
3) easy on the skin (I have easily irritated skin) 

At the same time I've also tried the Sulwhasoo Cleansing oil which also does a very good job like Clean It Zero. But Clean It Zero is much much more wallet friendly. 

This product is actually a paste form, which then emulsifies the moment you apply it on your skin and really melts your makeup. It turns into a clear substance like water, not oil, and you can either wipe off with a cleansing wipe, which I usually do, or wash it off directly with water. 

For me ,I really love this because it doesn't leave a squeaky tight feeling on your skin after cleansing and it removes eye make up so well that I don't even have eyeliner/eyeshadow left at the corner of my eyes after shower ! 

4 of my waterproof eyeliners..

After one gentle rub

second time.. tada!

(Finished the sample already... sorry for the hair in the picture! so gross :P)

A very happy me :) 

I've since ordered the full tub :) They have came out with a new version call Clean it Zero Radiance which is supposed to have brightening effects. But I chose the original one because for me, I need a cleanser to do its job well! THe brightening job can be done by another product later.

The other two versions are 'Purity' for Sensitive skin and 'Resveratrol' for tightening of pores 

The only thing that I don't really like is the packaging. A little hassle to have to use a spatula to scoop the paste out. But I'm willing to overlook it given how amazing this product is!

I give it 4.9 of out 5 stars !

P.S these items are not sponsored. They are based on my personal reviews. I hope you like my first review :) Have a great day!

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