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ETUDE HOUSE MINI HAUL! - Wonder pore fresher , Precious Mineral BB cream , Precious Mineral Cushion Foundation, Play 101 Pencils

Hi ! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far. This post is my own review on some Etude House products

The products in today's review may not be new to most of you already as they have been in the market for some time. I've been quite late to try out these Etude House products. Anyway this is my two cents worth about these products :)

Precious Mineral BB Cream - Cotton Fit (Shade N2)

I was given some samples for the BB cream cotton fit sometime ago and I only tried it recently because I was too busy with all the cushion pacts haha. 

What I like most about this BB cream is how it adheres onto skin so smoothly that it really gives a 'no make up look' look. It has pretty good coverage given how lightweight the formula is. 

With just a pearl size of the product , it is sufficient for my entire face. I would reapply a second coat on my undereye areas and blemishes. Another good thing is that even with a second coat it doesn't show the lines on my face or make it look cakey! 

I chose the cotton fit because it gives a soft glowy powdered look which I really like. Even without a finishing powder and just the BB cream itself, it can last like a good 8 hours without darkening. I like that it doesnt darken or turn patchy.. the product will just fade off or 'disappear' at the end of the day. But touching up is not a problem because the BB cream is light weight and moisturising :)

Now I use this BB cream every day  !

  Swatches with the product applied on the right side of the back of my hand.


Etude House Wonder Pore Fresher

I happen to run out of toner (yes , I used up every last bit of my favourite Mamonde Rose Water Toner) and I decided to try the Etude House Wonder Pore Fresher. It is not a new product but many beauty youtubers seems to swear by it .. so it was right next on my list.

It mainly claims to cleanse pores thoroughly without leaving your skin dry, set your skin to the right PH, even skin tones, control excess sebum.

My thoughts ...

 It does a pretty good job as the last step of my cleansing routine. However I do feel a slight tingling feeling whenever I use this. Not sure if it is because it is meant to give a 'refreshing' cool feeling? So far I didn't experience any irritations after using it so that's all right for me I guess.

It is not as moisturising as I would like it to be. Having said that it does not dry out my skin. But you definitely need to follow up with an essence or cream immediately.

The scent is really faint which I like that there's no added purfume and it absorbs onto skin rapidly without any stickiness. All in all, I think this toner is useful for those who wants a toner with effective cleansing function.

For me I still preferred the Mamonde Rose Water Toner.. It moisturises better and smells way better.. (read my review here ).

Precious Mineral Any Cushion - Shade W13 Natural Beige

Yes, another cushion review. Haha :)

This foundation cushion looks like any other cushion compact. I'm not too crazy about the design of the compact . I think Hera and Lirikos have more sophisticated designs but well, for the price of SGD29.90, the quality of the packaging is pretty decent. 

This cushion foundation actually features 6 functions - 
1. Sun protection as it has SPF50/ PA ++
2. Moisturising
3. Anti-wrinkle
4. Skin tone adjustment
5. whitening
6. Absorbs sebum

The shade that I chose was towards a warm tone.. and I find it a tad too yellow for me which is strange because it looks alright when I tried it in the store. I guess it could be the lighting. I am usually a shade N21.. I guess I should have gone for a shade lighter which for Etude House is N02 light beige. 

The coverage is medium and buildable to full coverage. However, I tried to apply two layers and it does set into lines. The foundation can hold up for about 6 hours without touch up and darkening which I think is considerably long lasting.  

The finish is semi matte with a slight glow. I did two swatches below :)

Under natural lighting

Under sunlight
For this review purpose I actually applied two layers on the right side of the back of my hand therefore it looks a little heavy. 

I'm not too inclined to continue using this cushion at this moment as the shade just isn't right for my skin tone.. and I feel that the finishing is not as natural as the other cushions and just feels like my makeup is heavy. 

However, if you are looking for an affordable high coverage foundation with some skin care benefits, then this might be an option. Otherwise, I think it is passable :) 

Etude House Eye Play 101 Pencils in shade 15 (coral), 33 (plum) and 50 (deep brown)

These are multi-purpose pencils released by Etude House recently. There are a vast range of colours to choose from with different functions. Some are used as eye shadows, blushers, lip colours and even concealers !

Etude House also worked with PONY , a gorgeous makeup designer, to create different amazing looks with those pencils. 

   Aren't these pencils awesome ?!

                From left : No.15 (Coral) , No.33 (Plum) , No.50 (deep brown)

 Sadly, there are only like limited 10-20 colours to choose from in Singapore. You will have to get it online if you want the rest. 

I've got 3 from local stores and I am really impressed with how creamy and pigmented these pencils are. 

My favourite is the No.15 Coral shade. The colour is really pretty and it is easily blendable for an eyeshadow, blusher and as a lip colour without drying up! I also got No.33 which is a pretty matte plum as an eyeshadow and eyeliner sometimes and the brown shade because it really makes a good smudge proof liner :) 

I feel Etude House is really clever with this series because it actually makes makeup so portable ! 

I hope you have enjoyed this review :) Happy weekend everyone!

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